If you’re planning a visit to Rigeland, Mississippi, The Ross Barnett Reservoir is a vital part of the fabric that is the Central Mississippi lifestyle.

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In this first episode of Season 3 of the Mississippi Audio Experience, host Andy Chapman reels in Bobby Cleveland, Manager of the Ross R. Barnett Reservoir to tell us about the countless outdoor activities available at The Rez. Bobby is an expert on the 50,000-acre park with 40-years of experience helping visitors with the best fishing, hunting, camping and eating spots around the lake. He shares the best times for fishing crappie and bass, information about upcoming events, and what makes the Reservoir a great place for families.

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“Some people think the Rez is just a fishin’ hole but it’s so much more.”@BobbyCleveland @eatjxnTweet this

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[2:33] The Reservoir has a rich 50-year history of bass fishing for sport.
[6:59] The economic impacts of the Reservoir and who benefits from it.
[12:02] What is there to do on the Reservoir?
[16:02] What’s the best time to fish on the Reservoir?
[21:15] There are 10,000 acres of land in addition to the lake the public can use for hunting and camping.
[29:35] Bobby’s recommendation for good eats around the Reservoir.

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Photography credit: Visit Ridgeland