Bravo to the Highland Village: BRAVO! Italian Restaurant & Bar — Refreshed and Ready to Serve in Jackson, Mississippi — Ep. 001

Bravo Italian Restaurant, the iconic restaurant in Jackson, MS adds some new surprises to their newly renovated restaurant and hearty menu.


The iconic Italian eatery adds some new surprises to their hearty menu.

In this episode of the Welcome to Mississippi Audio Experience, our host Andy Chapman takes us behind the scenes at BRAVO! Italian Restaurant & Bar. Andy made it to the first seating of the special re-opening event at the BRAVO! Italian Restaurant & Bar in Highland Village late last year, and if you loved this place before, you will still love it. If you haven’t visited yet, this weekend would be a perfect time now that the holiday rush is past!



For the re-opening, our tasting menu included:

  • Salmon & Tuna Tartar
  • Oyster Fennel Bisque
  • Louisiana Crawfish
  • Skirt Steak with duck-fat braised Brussel sprouts
  • And so much more…

If you have never been to @bravobuzz in Jackson, you should hightail it over and bring your appetite. @eatjxn — Tweet this

Kudos to co-owner, Jeff Good, and his team for making this a special place to eat. And Executive Chef and Co-owner, Dan Blumenthal, for the delicious menu. They have updated the upholstery, the tables and 20% of the menu items are new. So many things to love here — wood-fired pizzas, salads, an amazing spirit selection including tasty bourbons and a long wine list.

Plus, don’t forget that BRAVO! Italian Restaurant & Bar offers 2-for-1 appetizers as often as you’d like all year long with your Mississippi Perks Pass Card as well as a one-time-use offer of 2-for-1 Pizza, Sandwich or Pasta with your Mississippi Perks Passbook.

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