Old Country Store Lorman Mississippi

Here in the South, fried chicken isn’t something we take lightly. The art of a good, crispy yet juicy fry is right up there with the science of perfectly sweetened tea – which is saying a lot. The Old Country Store in Lorman, Mississippi serves what could possibly be the holy grail of fried fowl, a distinction we make with nothing less than the utmost seriousness.

The “King of Fried Chicken”

Crispy and juicy would seem to be an oxymoron, but to Arthur Davis owner of The Old Country Store, it ain’t nothin’ but a thing. One single bite of Davis’ heavenly fried chicken made me a believer, ready and willing to shout it from the rooftops! Davis has been dubbed the “King of Fried Chicken” by both locals and those passing through Lorman – even celebrity chef and foodie Alton Brown loves this fried chicken – in fact, he said he’ll only eat his own, or “King” Davis’ fried chicken in Lorman!

Fried Chicken Old Country Store - Lorman, Mississippi

Following his grandmother’s family chicken recipe, Arthur Davis uses fresh chicken, straight from the market to the fryer, promising nothing is ever frozen. Seven days a week, Arthur cooks up heavenly Southern fare that will make you dance a dance of thanksgiving to be from this neck of the woods. Pile up your plate (the restaurant is buffet style) with okra and tomatoes, peas, mustard greens, cold potato salad and of course, the star of the show – fried chicken.

Old Country Store - Lorman. Mississippi

The building itself was, well, an old country store. Established in 1875, this place was a popular stop for the community to buy everything under the sun. Worn, creaky floors and shelves piled high with signs of days gone by lend to the rustic, Southern charm of the Old Country Store.

Take a day, drive down the Natchez Trace, and fill up on the best fried chicken that’ll ever grace your taste buds.

Exterior photo provided by Old Country Store.