Nandy's Candy Jackson MS

Nandy’s Candy is so much more than a candy store.

It is a 36 year tradition in Jackson, MS, spanning two generations of the King Family, Nancy and Emmie. It’s a sweet piece of so many special moments – a nostalgic walk down memory lane.

Upon entering through the bright red door of Nandy’s Candy, the sweet aroma of sugary confections and chocolate melt all your grievances and all is right in the world. You will be greeted by warm smiles and kind words.

You are suddenly open to an array of possibilities… pralines, fudge, truffles, toffee, petit fours, caramel corn, cotton candy, and then there are all the goodies dipped in chocolate – oreos, nuts, strawberries, pretzel rods, and apples with layers upon layers of chocolate and caramel. I like just about anything dipped in Nandy’s chocolate!

Following their Facebook page, I noticed just how popular their seasonal offerings are with locals. I don’t live in Jackson, or even near Jackson, but I sure would love to have a go-to place like this for dinner parties and get togethers. How cute would it be to have chocolate turkeys at each place setting on your Thanksgiving tablescape?! Divinity, “mint ice” bark, candied nuts and snowman cookies for a Christmas gathering? Handmade chocolate bunnies for Easter, and carefully crafted truffles and chocolates for Valentine’s Day (like an empty heart box that you get to select each chocolate for!)? There would be no more of that big brand stuff, only the good stuff… if only Nandy’s was closer, right?

Nandy's Candy Jackson MS caramel apples

Lucky for us, Nandy’s now ships their goodies across the U.S.

You can order any of these specialties from their website and have them delivered to your door or to someone else’s. Goodbye flower bouquets, hello big batch of handmade chocolates! Fill boxes, baskets and bags with a customized variety of treats hand picked for your loved ones, friends, colleagues… or yourself (we won’t judge).

I must say, I definitely have a sweet tooth. I have learned to appreciate the good stuff, though. I couldn’t leave you without mentioning my two absolute favorite things – Nandy’s homemade caramel sauce and their peanut butter meltaways. The caramel sauce is made in copper pots, in small batches. It’s buttery, rich, and so smooth – just heavenly. I love it on vanilla ice cream and over apple pie during the holidays. So many delicious uses, but really, you won’t get any better than Nandy’s caramel sauce.

Nandy's Candy Jackson MS Peanut Butter Meltaways

Then, the peanut butter meltaways are just as described: they melt in your mouth. The creamy milk chocolate surrounds a rich creamy peanut butter middle. It all blends together so beautifully. I have no idea exactly what goes into that wonderful little bite (I’m told it’s a secret), but really there is no comparison.

You won’t be disappointed, so go ahead, try some chocolates from Nandy’s Candy and see what you’ve been missing! You will see why so many choose them to be a part of the special occasions in their life.

Photos provided by Nandy’s Candy.