Crispy, crunchy, soft or chewy, all of your favorite breads are baked up fresh at Gil’s.

bread gils bread ridgeland ms

In this episode of the Mississippi Audio Experience, host Andy Chapman breaks bread with Darrick Gillan of Gil’s Bread in Ridgeland. On a tour through the bakery’s kitchen, Darrick describes the science of how he and his team make each loaf perfect. With 20 different Jackson restaurants depending on their weekly delivery, Darrick arrives at 3 in the morning and heats up the kitchen. If you want to test your baking skills head over to Lake Harbour Drive to join the Sunday afternoon bread making class. It’s taught by Gil himself.

whole wheat bread gils bread ridgeland ms

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[:53] Darrick describes the daily rituals behind supplying his customers with bread.
[3:41] Being a bread maker requires dedication and perseverance.
[6:37] The science of creating different types of bread.
[12:37] Weekly bread making classes are taught by Gil.

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