Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Mississippi Perks Pass®, and how long has it been in operation?

Mississippi Perks Pass®, otherwise known as MS Perks Pass, was started in 2009 as EatJXN. It was primarily a restaurant discount card for the Jackson MS metro area. The program rebranded in 2018 to Mississippi Perks Pass® and became a state-wide member program, designed to offer discounts, special deals, and offers to the best businesses in the state. Entering our 15th year of operation (2023), the program continues to grow and provides a list of businesses for members to enjoy Eating, Playing, and Staying here in Mississippi. 

MS Perks Pass is one of the longest running membership card programs of its kind in the southeast U.S. It’s believed to be the longest running and the largest Mississippi owned program of its kind, here in Mississippi. We thank all our partners and members for making the program successful. 

How long does it take to receive my Perks Pass, after I place an order?

We typically get all orders processed and shipped within 48 business hours. Shipping is via USPS and typically arrives within 1 to 3 days, anywhere in our state. A shipping notification goes out via email, for each purchase. 

Do you offer corporate gifts, wholesale or volume orders or discounts?

Yes, we do! We offer volume discounts for online purchase in 10-packs and 25-packs. Click here to order online now.

Please inquire about other quantities for corporate or volume pricing as well as wholesale or fundraising opportunities, via email: 

How do I know where to use my MS Perks Pass?

We have a full list of participating locations here on our website. You can also keep your eyes open for window stickers at the best locally owned and operated restaurants, lodging and attractions around Mississippi.

I liked the EatJXN Card from years ago. How is this different?

Thanks, we liked it too! The Mississippi Perks Pass® is the statewide expansion and replacement of the EatJXN Card. The EatJXN card ended in 2017 and later became the Mississippi Perks Pass®. With more than TEN TIMES the real value of the former card program, the MS Perks Pass provides an immense upgrade in our network for our loyal members. Remember, the MS Perks Pass makes a great gift for your Mississippi friends, family and colleagues!

Is there anything else I should know?

We do have some recommended best practices when it comes to redeeming your multi-use perks as a “MS Perks Pass member” that are important to keep in mind.

Out of respect for each small business, please always present your card when you place an order, make a reservation, etc.  This is the number one request of our participating businesses, and the number one reason perks are denied is a misunderstanding resulting from the card not being presented at time of order. 

Please be patient with servers and staff at our participating businesses who may not be trained on that business’ offer. Sometimes new hires or frequent turnover leads to misunderstandings, but please rest assured that ownership or management have extended these offers to our community and you are entitled to it. Please just ask to speak to a manager if there are any problems with redeeming an offer. If that doesn’t work, please send us an email, so we can resolve the issue with the partner. 

Please let business owners know that you appreciate them extending this offer, and that you shopped with them because of it. Also let them know that you’ll be taking photos of your positive experiences using the Perks Pass and sharing them with your friends and family as well as our community by posting on your favorite social media and tagging @msperkspass, #msperkspass or #msinsider. Our business participants love your social media love! When you share, it helps us continue the program! 

I own or operate a business, how can we participate in the MS Perks Pass program and is there any cost, monthly, annually, or otherwise?

We’re always growing our list of valued MS Perks Pass partners, and the best thing is there’s NO costs, no monthly fee, no annual fee, etc. The only “cost” is the value of your offer. BUT, is that really a cost? After all, your business likely has other marketing expenses such as print advertising, such as a magazine, a weekly reader, a billboard, etc. How many customers do those concepts bring in to your business? First of all, it’s probably difficult to determine how effective such marketing mediums really are. Whatever the cost of that advertising is, divide it by the number of customers it brings it, and that’s how much it cost per customer visit. If you spend $250 per month on an ad somewhere, and it brings in 30 customers (one per day), it’s costing $8+ per customer. But what’s it cost if it doesn’t bring anyone in? It still cost that same $250. 

With the MS Perks Pass program, you pay nothing for our marketing, exposure to all our members, our social media channels, etc and “pay” in the form of your discount or deal, only when someone comes in with the Perks Pass. It’s a great way to market, and pay only when IT’S WORKING!

CLICK HERE to ADD your business to the MS Perks Pass program.

How does your fundraising program work?

Great question! We have a variety of ways to assist a non-profit, school, or similar organization. Send us a message and we’ll have someone reach out to you to discuss details.

How did you determine the areas or counties for the regions for MS Perks Pass?

We chose to break up our great state into 8 regions, so we can properly cultivate and market to each area. We also have social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) for each respective region. Our members can choose to follow just those areas that are important to them. That way your social media feeds aren’t bogged down with information from other areas.

We reviewed the official Economic Development map of the state, then tweaked it in some areas. The idea is to have areas that are somewhat similar in size, and allow us to properly manage. 

What’s the best way for me to keep up to date on MS Perks Pass happenings, new participating businesses, specials, etc?

Want to stay in the know? That’s great! We have an email newsletter that goes out to our entire membership, as well as to each region. You can signup for our email newsletter by clicking here.

We also have social media channels for our entire state program, as well as channels for each of our regions. Please be sure to checkout our “Connect With Us” page, for a list of all our social media channels… follow one, or follow them all!

What’s the MS Perks Pass Insiders program, and how can I get involved?

Our Insiders program is a small group of passionate members who are typically writers, photographers, foodies, vloggers, bloggers, and/or otherwise adventurers. They love supporting local small businesses, enjoy sharing their experiences online, and serve to cultivate MS Perks Pass regions while enjoying special features, invites to events, and special deals. More info is available on our Insiders page.

What is the MS Perks Pass refund policy?

Well this is more than rare! BUT, if you’re not totally satisfied within the first 30 (thirty) days of purchase of the MS Perks Pass, we will gladly issue a full refund within a few days of receiving your MS Perks Pass via regular mail. Please contact us first, so we’ll know what’s going on and can properly schedule a refund. Our email is

I still have more questions…

Please send us an email at or click here to message us with your questions, feedback or ideas, technical issues or to order outside of our web site.