When we launched the Mississippi List – it was with a list of 201 places to Eat. Stay. & Play across the State of Mississippi. Oddly, there was no one place highlighted that really nailed all three elements in a profound way – at least until now. Sure, there are some great places that have all the elements to some degree or another, but Margaritaville Resort in Biloxi, Mississippi is a home run across all three categories. When we took our family, it was an instant hit.

Food. Or “Eat” – As We Call It.

With several restaurants to choose from, you’ll find plenty of options across the vast menus in the Margaritaville Resort. But the ultimate win for the hungry family is the Volcano Nachos inside the Margaritaville Restaurant. Yep, one order can almost hush a crowd of all of our kids and all of their friends – all at once. It’s massive: a towering mound of cheese, chips, and all the fixings you want. It’s one of the best nacho dishes anywhere.

You’d almost expect that with the Jimmy Buffett song “Volcano” playing in the background at least once while you eat them – and it probably will. There’s plenty more on the menu, but you definitely can’t go to Margaritaville without trying one of their vast margarita options, or a host of other drink specialties available for both for kids – and kids over 21. For the over 21 crowd, we recommend the “Who’s the Blame” margarita.



The folks that created the feel of the rooms, (and frankly the whole resort) paint a laid back, festive service minded picture for you to enjoy. It’s obviously very family and kid friendly – but there’s some great “kid-free” options as well. The rooms are comfortable, and my favorite ones are on the western side of the hotel property with a fabulous view of the sunset. The resort is on the waterfront in Biloxi, but unlike many of the hotels which feature mostly Southern facing rooms, this place actually has a LOT of rooms facing both east and west. If you are into sunsets – watching them off your private balcony could be just the thing. If you are on the east side, you can saunter down to the Lost Key Bar, which will give you a front row seat for that sunset and again, plenty of options for your favorite beverage.

Another bonus to staying at Margaritaville is the all-access to enjoy the full resort and ongoing programming like the pool, waterslide, and lazy river area, live music and things like Summer Splash Bash… but we’re getting ahead of ourselves. While it’s true that you don’t HAVE to stay at the Margaritaville Resort to enjoy all of the amenities (locals, you listening?), you should take my advice and soak up all that Paradise has to offer and stay, too.

Play… at the Arcade.

Here’s the thing that I find fascinating about Margaritaville: kids of all ages (even some 40ish and older like me) enjoy the vast array of games and activities at Margaritaville’s Escape Arcade. Anchored by the Landshark Bar & Grill, an indoor ropes course and zipline and an erupting “Volcano” climbing wall, this arcade of epic proportions ensures that no matter the weather forecast, you and your family will have plenty to do and make many happy memories during time together at Margaritaville. It’s one of the few places our kids beg to go back to again and again.

While I loved the simulator games – with real golf clubs and balls – as well as the baseball games, my younger kids like the array of arcade type entertainment games. There’s basketball, bowling, racing, hunting games. They included some really cool projector games where projectors display on the floor and toddlers and younger kids entertain themselves stomping on the moving objects.

While I spent more time shanking golf balls, my girls were begging to do the rock climbing wall, zip line and ropes course, all indoors. You simply load up a card with points and hand it to the kids, and watch their eyes light up. When it’s 150 degrees outside – or there’s a thunderstorm in the forecast, that’s a sure fire win for me.

Play… at the Pool.

But when it is nice outside, the pool and deck upstairs have loads of options for all ages. The lazy river and all the outside set up of pool, bar, waterslides and relaxation pretty much wraps up the word “Play” with a big fat lime green bow. Yes, lime green like the frozen margarita you’ll likely sip on as you watch the sun slink down into the western horizon.

On Friday nights during the summer, Margaritaville hosts Summer Splash Bash in the pool area featuring kid friendly live DJ shows and summer drink specials from 9 p.m. – midnight. This is the perfect “big kid” activity for your tweens and teens to have some big kid fun “night swimming” and work off some energy after supper. Free entry for hotel guests or $15 for 5 years and older.

Play… on the Beach.

Recently, Margaritaville and the Ship Island Ferry announced daily morning departures from Margaritaville to Ship Island, the only Biloxi departure for the service. Adding access to Mississippi’s pristine barrier island beach to your Margaritaville itinerary makes this resort truly a one-stop ticket to Paradise for you and the entire family.

Plan Your Visit Today

If that doesn’t get your motor running, there’s lots of other places inside the resort to grab a bite, a drink or a snack, and of course there’s that Delta inspired food concept that’s bringing out massive steaks, great drinks and host of classic desserts made fresh from scratch, Yes, I’m talking about “Does Eat Place” but more on that in a future story. Or go discover it for yourself and tell them we sent you!

We brought a videographer along with us for a visit earlier this year, and we hope you’ll enjoy what we captured. Maybe it will inspire you to take your kids, whatever the age. P. S. Mom, I hope you read this. I want to go back!

Plan your visit to Margaritaville, reserve a party date and more by visiting their web site or follow them on Facebook and Instagram for special promotions, live music announcement and seasonal alerts. Learn more about Margaritaville at their Mississippi List profile page.